Jan 27th – Little Brown Job Sings

The Robin has sung every night throughout the winter.  The Song Thrush has joined in recently from a bare tree top, with its insistent and repetitive whistles.

Over the last few mornings yet another songster has joined in loud and vibrant, as if it can see the light of spring at the end of the wintry tunnel.  If you saw this little bird, you’d be amazed at its beautiful song, for the Dunnock is a humble brown and grey bird that loves to hop along the ground, jerking this way and that in search of whatever morsel it may find.

It joins the ranks of LBJs (Little Brown Jobs) that make up much of Britain’s birdlife that, despite their dull plumage, astonish us with their voice.  Not just the famous Nightingale but also the Wren and a myriad of warblers spring to mind.


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