Nature Notes

When I was younger, a school boy even, I used to love reading the ‘Nature Notes’ that featured weekly in, I think, the Times newspaper.  Such was my love of these little snippets of insight into the natural world that my mother used to post the cut-outs to me at boarding school.

It didn’t really matter how profound or significant the ‘note’ was; they rarely were.  Rather it was the recognition of and connection with a shared moment in the great outdoors.  The first record of a Blackbird singing in the New Year or the appearance of frogspawn in a local pond all resonated with my own experience.

In a way, Nature Notes was a way of re-living my own moments in the wild: that thrill of nature discovery, of unexpected sightings or the return of familiar birds, such as the Swallow, after a long winter.  My enjoyment of reading and thus sharing in these little observations and joys has prompted me to write my own Nature Notes.  I hope you too find pleasure in them.



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