First Signs

Of course, the signs of Spring are now everywhere but here’s a post I wrote on 3rd Feb but didn’t get round to posting!  It makes me realise what a difference one week can make in terms of how we feel on the winter-spring spectrum:

In case you don’t believe me when I say Spring is on its way I took some evidential photos in the garden to give hope and reassurance.


The First Crocus



What I particularly like about the Snowdrops in the photo is that they are bursting through the dead leaves!  They look like sharp arrows of life shot straight through the decaying shroud of death.  Maybe a bit dramatic (!) but it never ceases to amaze me how I can lift up a pile of dead leaves at this time of year and find green shoots beneath.

I think biologists would refer to this growth as ‘photo-tropic’ – a growth upwards stimulated by light.  Equally the roots below are ‘geo-tropic’ and are drawn downwards into the ‘geo’ by gravity.  That’s all I can recall on the subject from my days of A-level Biology without defaulting to Google, but I seem to remember being impressed at the time at the mystery of why stems grow up and roots grow down.

My outwards growth of late is of course no mystery…


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