Back to Noting Nature

Over two months have passed since my last blog as if I’ve had nothing to write about. Of course, that is not true and spring has marched in with all its usual glory…it’s just me that’s been busy, let’s say feeding young, finding fresh twigs for the nest and generally trying to be the early bird that catches the worm! Apologies though to those who may perhaps have hoped for something more regular in the past couple of months…and thank you to those who just today, re-encouraged me to keep sharing and writing!

This is of course, the most exciting (and beautiful) time of the year in my book. Everything is fresh, new and green, and if we’re lucky, set to a background of clear blue sky. We were mostly lucky yesterday when, as a family, we headed down to the New Forest for an impromptu bike ride around the tracks near Burley. A few showers passed but with all the tree cover, didn’t bother us.

Birds sang their hearts out and in between the usual voices I picked out some New Forest specialities. Wood Warblers flitted through the leafy canopy accelerating out their notes at regular intervals while Redstarts sang out from high but hidden perches on the edges of the high forest. I wasn’t able to pause long enough to find either to look at – after all we were on a family cycle ride and long pauses to find small dots in trees didn’t combine well with the activity! However, my ‘patience’ was rewarded later with a fine (and very visible) Curlew displaying over the heathland only a short distance from our car.

Back home today and we have had a wonderfully family-accessible afternoon of nature and wildlife at the children’s primary school. The grand opening of the school nature area brought a host of families along to see the newly tidied, signed and pathed corner of the school field. The children had built three nest boxes and two bat boxes that have only really been up about a month. However, already a pair of nesting Blue Tits have taken up residence in one and don’t seem too bothered by the regular hoard of screaming children and flying footballs in their neighbourhood!

It is fantastic to see how quickly nature can be encouraged in even a small area by a few strategic efforts on our part. What a great experience and lesson for those kids who can now point to a family of Blue Tits enjoying the box that they made only a few months ago.


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