The Silent Work of Summer

jay 05

A Jay – by Steve Round

Please click on this link to read my August 2016 “Nature Notes” in the Herts Advertiser:  Nature Notes – 11th August 2016


2 thoughts on “The Silent Work of Summer

  1. Rupert, Thanks for the plug for butterflies in Bricket Wood! I carry out regular recording on the site for the UK Butterfly monitoring scheme. Unfortunately butterfly numbers are well down this year – the weather hasn’t helped, but the habitat management on the site has slipped a bit. There’s a review of the management plan just kicked off recently and I’m hoping to persuade the council and landowner to work together to produce a better outcome. I’d be grateful for any support you can give – Malcolm Hull

    • Hi Malcolm, Thanks for your comment. I’ve certainly noticed that butterfly no’s are down but have actually enjoyed some sightings of ones I don’t often see – White Admiral and Silver-washed Fritillary at Bricket Wood and today, a Clouded Yellow and Painted Lady at Heartwood. I recently, by chance, made the acquaintance of Nick Sheriff who I believe is involved with the management of the Common. Chatting to him prompted me to revisit Bricket Wood having not been there much in the past. I’m not sure what support I’m able to give but, of course, happy to support if possible. Rupert.

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