A Foraged Harvest

Please click on this link to read my August 2017 “Nature Notes” in the Herts Advertiser: A Foraged Harvest – Nature Notes 10th August 2017


A Harvest Mouse by Steve Round




3 thoughts on “A Foraged Harvest

  1. Foraging is just plain wrong. How can the taking of resources from an ever shrinking natural environment be justified ? If people are encouraged to forage then where does wildlife find the food that it depends on for survival ? With so many sites being developed for housing their options are shrinking fast. From what I have witnessed there is no restraint in the practice; people filling their ice cream tubs with blackberries and carrier bags with fungi. But even a little food taken from the wild can have an adverse effect on wildlife. Greedy humans have a multitude of options of where to obtain food, wildlife does not.

  2. Hi Richard and thank you for your comment. Sorry it has taken so long for me to acknowledge it as I’ve been away on holiday.

    I think, as you say, the issue is that we are all the time taking resources from an ever-shrinking natural environment be it through foraging, farming, mining or any other form of taking resources from this planet.

    The problem as I perceive it is that we do this largely without appreciating what we are losing – we do not feel the cost…yet. As you say (and as I have recently witnessed personally) developers level ancient woodland and habitats that have taken decades to mature.

    Foraging is just one of many ways in which we can reconnect with the natural world on our doorstep. Of course it is not a solution and I don’t believe for one minute that our countryside is at risk from mass foraging – it remains a pleasant past-time of a few and not a viable alternative to supermarket produce.

    My hope is that by encouraging practical and simple ways of getting out into nature – be it foraging, birdwatching, walking or simply opening our eyes on the daily commute, we would recognise and appreciate the natural environment around us a bit more deeply and in turn be that much quicker to act to defend it when we see it threatened.

    • Hi Rupert
      Thank you for your reply. It is indeed a shame that many people have no connection with nature and no knowledge or concern about the environment. Although, I think that the extreme weather, around the planet this year, has made some people think about the damage mankind is doing. Every cloud… ! I don’t think that foraging is a solution so I guess we will just have to agree to disagree on the subject.

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