A Taxing Time of Year – Profit or Loss?

Please click on this link to read my October 2017 “Nature Notes” in the Herts Advertiser: A Taxing Time of Year – Profit or Loss?

wood pigeon 16

The humble Wood Pigeon – photo by Steve Round


Passenger Pigeon

The now extinct Passenger Pigeon – illustration by Nicolas Primola



3 thoughts on “A Taxing Time of Year – Profit or Loss?

  1. Hi Rupert, Amazing to read about the spectacular decline of the passenger pigeon. How about bringing the theme closer to home and writing about all the species which have died out in St Albans District. I know that about a third of the butterfly species have become absent locally over the last hundred years. But I don’t know about other types of birds and animals. I could let you have a list of now absent butterflies if that’s helpful Malcolm Hull

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  2. Thanks Malcolm, I’ll bear that in mind for the future. A third of butterfly species sounds like a lot but sadly it doesn’t surprise me. I wonder how many species we’ve gained in relation? I presume with butterflies that habitat loss is a big factor but with birds it is sadly often proving to be their journey to/across other countries that presents the biggest hazard!

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