IMG_0435I am Rupert Evershed.  I do not exist alone but with just one wife and three children.  I like to share my experiences of nature but, as my family are not always appreciative of my sharing, I seek a larger audience.

Of course, my family are appreciative of nature, but they have their own passions and are not quite as enthusiastic about my glimpsing of yet another Red Kite as I am.  “You saw one yesterday,” they will say…I agree, but inwardly I cry: “Do you not realise that when I was a child seeing a Red Kite was virtually unheard of round here and now they are over our garden?!!”

Of course, so many of these nature experiences have the potency they have for me because they connect me back to childhood memories.  My nature notes are exactly that – my notes and I guess, in my sharing, you will learn far more about me than a simple ‘About’ page can offer…




6 thoughts on “About

  1. Love the blog. Is there something interesting at West Minster lodge today? lots of (well 5) people with proper cameras big bird capturing lenses. We were looking at a really nice tree swing got one lady really excited but seemed cross when we pointed out the swing that we had observed.

    Gutted Gary saw a Kingfisher I missed it – next time perhaps

    • There is a very tame Kingfisher regularly at the lake Alison, but maybe there was another celebrity bird? I haven’t heard anything reported. Not sure what to make of the swing incident…was the lady hoping you’d found the Kingfisher?

    • Yes, very much! I was about to get in touch with you funnily enough but you got there first! I’ll message you on FB. Thanks for reading and liking my blog I know I will enjoy your blog too!

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